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Planning a ceremony, whether it’s a fun laid back Wedding, Vow renewal or a Naming day to welcome your little one, isn’t easy to do alone. That’s why I decided to open Jamie Walker Celebrant. I help plan, write and deliver beautiful ceremonies for people who want to have a bespoke, heartfelt ceremony experience that is totally unique to them. Please read on to discover if I am the right Celebrant for you.



Hello! I am Jamie Walker, Celebrant and bringer togetherer of people! I am the girl one of 'The Jamie's' as our friends lovingly call us because my husband is also called Jamie! Much hilarity abound when we first met indeed!

I am a massive fan of campfires and camping, woods, flowers (peonies and dahlias are my faves), lazing in a hammock and mothering my four children. I have quite the collection of vintage wool jumpers and love anything recycled or pre-loved and re-purposed. My style is pretty laid back, chilled out and happy as a result. Together with my husband and children we live in a teeny village in South Norfolk in a rambly house with a river at the bottom of the garden which as you can imagine is just abuzz with activity in the summer.

Whether it was a birthday party for 70 or an intimate supper for 7, being with and bringing together friends and family is an absolute passion of mine and our home is often filled to the brim with friends.

My inspiration to train as a Family Celebrant with The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants really came about after I spent a beautiful year holding space for Mothers and their Daughters in a circle group and writing Mother Blessing ceremonies for expectant mums, it was then that I realised that I absolutely loved creating a more formal container for ritual, symbolism and ceremony which has naturally led me to creating Wedding, Vow renewal and Naming Ceremonies. 

Here are a few quick fire questions/answers about me:

Tea or Coffee? Coffee to start before mellowing into a herbal tea late afternoon.

Favourite season: Autumn all the way.

Where can we find you at a party?: First and last on the dancefloor! I LOVE dancing!

Last gig/concert/show I went to: Live at Christmas Comedy show with Rob Delaney at Cambridge Corn Exchange, he was good, as was Rich Hall but Suzi Ruffell stole the show for me-check her out! She is amazing!

If that hasn't put you off and you want to get together for a chat then please drop me a line!



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