About me!

I am the girl one of 'The Jamie's' as our friends lovingly call us because my husband is also called Jamie! Much hilarity abound when we first met indeed! We named all our wedding tables after various famous Jamie's!

It is true to say I am totally and utterly head over heels in love with my husband and he provides much of my inspiration for grabbing life by the horns and living it to its fullest. 

Finding out about couples relationships and crafting a ceremony that reflects their unique relationship is a huge privilege and honour.

Whether it is a birthday party for 70 or an intimate supper for 7, being with and bringing together friends and family is an absolute passion of mine and our home is often filled to the brim with people. Ceremony as a result is hugely important to me.


Here are a few fun facts about me:

I have a degree in Psychology and am a qualified Primary school teacher.

At a party you can find me first and last on the dancefloor! I LOVE dancing! '80's music is my absolute fave and I make no apology for that at all!

I'm a style chameleon! I love brights but I also love a well cut suit.

My values are: Integrity, Service, Legacy, Living an authentic, ethical life, Kindness, Intentional inclusivity, Diversity, Humanity.

Who am I accredited with? I am an accredited Humanist wedding celebrant accredited with Humanists UK.

My worst habit is leaving half drunk mugs of (decaf) coffee around the house and starting numerous books all at once!

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On humanism.

Humanism is the belief that we should seek happiness in the one life we have. It is a belief based on science and reason to understand the world and is founded on kindness towards other people.

A humanist wedding is perfect for couples who are not religious, want a meaningful and personal ceremony and one that can be held anywhere-outdoors for example. A humanist ceremony is inclusive of all guests regardless of their beliefs.