• Jamie Walker

How will you arrive at the ceremony site?

One popular way is to walk up the aisle. Usually centred between seating or standing areas, an aisle is a walkway between you and your guests in which you enter the ceremony.

There are so many variations on this tradition, here are my top 5:

1. The traditional one!-walking with one or two people (these could be parents, step-parents, chosen parents, relative, sibling, cousin, friend...)

2. Both walking in together.

3. Both walking in from either side and meeting in the centre.

4. Dancing up the aisle to a totally unexpected tune.

5. Turning your entrance into a bit of theatre and having your entire wedding cheer squad perform some of their favourite dance moves!

Remember most people are expecting a tradtional aisle set up, but if you want something unique and memorable consider changing things up a little especially if you are opting for a laid back and relaxed vibe.

Top tip: rehearse! You’d be surprised how fast people walk! Breathe, slow right down, look up and smile!

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