I care about making your Wedding ceremony the best possible experience for everyone involved. I make the effort to understand your exact needs, so the event you imagine is the event you’ll get. 

You can choose where to hold your wedding ceremony with a Celebrant and I look forward to finding out all about your chosen venue, remember it doesn’t need to be a licensed venue, it can be anywhere, a back garden, woods, beach, hotel, front room, restaurant, cliff top…, as long as you have the landowners permission even a field is possible.

I will guide you through the whole process of structuring your ceremony, writing your ceremony script, assisting you with writing your vows if you need it. I will also liaise with any friends or family whom wish to be involved and am able to suggest readings if they get stuck. 

If you sound like the clients I am currently working with- fun, down to earth, laid back, relaxed, open to ideas to make your ceremony POP!, creative, super loved up and chilled out then I would love to hear from you. 

You might want some nods to tradition but with a cool modern twist,  and you definitely want your ceremony to totally reflect who you are as an individual AND as a couple AND to be ooozing personality AND a little "OMG that was amazing, I want to do it all over again!" If this sounds like you then don't hesitate to drop me a line! I want to perform your ceremony!

I am currently writing ceremonies for couples across Cambridge, Norfolk and Suffolk who are having hand-fastings, a gin ceremony, garden weddings, a wedding by the sea with a private beach, film themed weddings, village hall weddings, weddings with children, weddings without, comic book vibes and more.

Finding out exactly what you want your day to feel like is crucial to me so I spend lots of time with you, whether it be via text, WhatsApp, Instagram, facebook, email, phone calls and get togethers. Plus my bespoke quiz of course! 

If you want someone who takes the time to really 'get you' and who can tease out all those special and unique nuances of your relationship then you have found me. Coming away from our meetings will leave you absolutely buzzing with excitement for your day, we have a lot of fun at these planning sessions! There are often laughs and sometimes even a tear or two of happiness! It sounds like a cliche but I am genuinely as excited as you are and I often find I am very quickly asked to recommend suppliers and used as a sounding board for other ideas for the day.

We will discuss exactly how you want your ceremony to feel in tone, length and style. You will feel reassured that your ceremony will be a perfect reflection of you, a balance of all the elements that are important and delivered by someone with the love and joy of a friend but the expertise of a professional.

Get in touch to arrange a chat!


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