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I care about making your Wedding ceremony the best possible experience for everyone involved. I make the effort to understand your exact needs, so the event you imagine is the event you’ll get. 

Your wonderful day will be created specifically for YOU, with the two of you at the very heart of it. We will meet and begin to craft your ceremony starting with your EPIC love story! I will get to know as much about you as possible and what you LOVE about each other (and maybe what drives you up the wall a bit too!)

You can choose where to hold your wedding ceremony with an Independent Celebrant and I look forward to finding out all about your chosen venue, remember it doesn’t need to be a licensed venue, it can be anywhere, a back garden, woods, beach, hotel, front room, restaurant, cliff top…, as long as you have the landowners permission even a field is possible.

Your ceremony can include symbolic rituals such as hand fasting, sand ceremonies, ring warming, poems, readings and songs. It really is an HONEST reflection of you as a couple and will be as authentic as you are so I welcome creative ideas to make your ceremony really POP! (And I have a few incredible ones up my sleeve that you may just love!) You may choose to include or not include religious references, it is completely up to you!

I will guide you through the whole process of structuring your ceremony, writing your ceremony script, assisting you with writing your vows if you need it. I will also liaise with any friends or family whom wish to be involved and am able to suggest readings if they get stuck.